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A comprehensive analysis of the Heat recovery ventilator

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Experienced in 2003 the global outbreak of the SARS epidemic, people safety of building, air conditioning system of deep reflection, to be more aware of "strengthen ventilation is more important than disinfection". At present, health, energy saving, simple and reliable fresh air system and airconditioning equipment has become the focus of the construction, design and user of widespread concern, fresh air ventilator is the requirement should be born.

Heat recovery ventilator is a new type of ventilation equipment, it uses two-way ventilation, outdoor fresh air(fresh air) into the interior and replacing the indoor air (old style) to outside. The fresh air into theindoor through the air filters to ensure clean indoor air. Due to the large temperature difference existsin summer and winter indoor and outdoor, in order not to because of the two-way ventilation caused bythe indoor temperature fluctuations are larger, fresh air ventilator is arranged in the air heat exchanger, so that the old wind and fresh air exchange temperature, achieve both ventilation andmaintain the basic stability of the indoor temperature effect.

Heat recovery ventilator with full fresh air supply, not the whole row of old wind work way cause cross contamination. Fresh air ventilator selected low noise fan machine also carried out the noise elimination, guarantee indoor quiet.

Under the premise of ensuring the indoor space with plenty of fresh air, the use of fresh air ventilator,will greatly reduce the air-conditioning or heating energy consumption, so it is a kind of environmental protection product is a kind of energy-saving products.

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