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The origin of Heat recovery ventilator

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Heat recovery ventilator appeared in the ventilation and air conditioning market in recent years, because of its characteristics, summarized the recovery heat of the equipment with the supply of fresh air andeliminate corrupt wind, cater to consumers on saving energy and air quality requirements, so the termis obtained by basic market and industry recognition, and applied more and more widely.

The essence of new wind ventilation machine

Heat recovery ventilator is the air heat recovery unit, by type air heat exchanger can be divided into theplate, the plate fin type, rotary type, heat pipe type programs, according to the nature of heat recoveryinto sensible heat recovery device and the total heat exchanger. At present the fresh air ventilatorgeneral fingerboard fin on the market of air heat recovering device. Rotary total heat recovery devicealso have products, but because of higher prices, the application is less. Plate (plate fin) total heat recovery abroad as early as products, but the price is high, the domestic manufacturers are developing is said to have.

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