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Disadvantages of ceiling type Heat recovery ventilator

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Do not say first of this equipment is that the recovery rate of only 50%, even if the recovery rate reaches to 100%, it treated fresh air could not reach the fresh air state point.

The Heat recovery ventilator method of fresh air can let fresh air near the indoor air state, absolutely impossible indoorisenthalpic. Indoor isenthalpic, fresh air does not undertake indoor cooling load, namely requirements to the indoor fresh air state parameters of fan coil air parameters follow the wind is the same.

If you want to process the fresh air to enthalpy state, so in the heat recovery, to get fresh air state parameters of clear heat recovery after, and then add a special air treatment equipment.

Or put into the cold load of Heat recovery ventilator after brought to indoor cooling load calculationinside, the use of fan coil device to control and regulate

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