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The benefits of Heat recovery ventilator

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From the principle of speaking, Heat recovery ventilator has two air ducts, each air duct has a fan. An old air ductdischarged outwards, another air channel synchronization to home added fresh air. The two streamsat the same time through the opposite side of the heat exchanger heat exchange, thus plays the role of energy conservation. The efficiency of HRV can be very high, can theoretically close to 100%, but this requires heat exchanger volume and manufacturing cost for large. The efficiency of the common market of the common product of about 50%, about 90% of the high-end product efficiency. The air inlet channel HRV is arranged in the filter screen, plus the intake itself directly from the outdooratmosphere, so the Heat recovery ventilator into the air in the room is of high quality. There are ENERGY-STAR or higherstandards for certification of the new premises, HRV has become the standard configurationnecessary. In 20 years or less high-end room, even in the transformation of the age long before the home, often also can see Heat recovery ventilator.

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