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Heat recovery ventilator'S specialties

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Heat recovery ventilator'S specialties are:

1) The film of the filter is very small, you almost cannot see the fiber constitution

of the air hole that reduces the circulating ratio of water-solubility gas,

such as ammonia and hydrogen.

2) The crossing airflow board is made of a kind of environment protection

board. With the high hydrosphere particularity, it helps the exchange of

the vapor that improves the exchanging efficiency of the heat and reaches the conversion

of low efficient gas and high efficient heat.

The  product adds functions of ozone sterilization, ultraviolet radiation

antisepsis, adding oxygen by negative hydronium and the automatic shut off when

there is no person. During the usage, open the machine for N minutes, the machine

will automatically do the processing to purity the indoor air thoroughly,making

the air quality like the air in the forest. The product has won the national


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