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How can I get more fresh air indoors efficiently?

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Although installing new windows and doors is good for energy efficiency and reducing utility bills year-round, it can lead to some indoor air-quality issues.

The most energy-efficient method to solve your problem is to install a fresh air heat recovery ventilator system. These systems also provide
the best comfort because they can be set to automatically sense when and how much fresh air is needed for good indoor air quality.

The basic design is simple. Incoming fresh air and outgoing stale air pass each other in a heat exchanger. The two air flow paths are kept separate, but they transfer heat and/or moisture as they pass.

During the winter, the outgoing stale indoor air is warm and the incoming fresh air is cold. When they pass each other, the cold outdoor air is warmed by the outgoing indoor air. This saves the majority of the heat from the stale air. During the summer, the outgoing cool stale air precools the incoming warm fresh air to recover the energy used for air-conditioning.

For Florida, where high humidity is an issue, select a heat recovery ventilator system that transfers the moisture in the air as well as the heat.
These systems are referred to as ERVs. These are particularly effective in summer when you do not want to add humid air to your home.

Most systems are designed with a ducting system. They often draw indoor air from the kitchen and bathrooms, where most moisture and odors are created. The fresh outdoor air vents can be located in other commonly used rooms.

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